Letter: Earth is Source of Helpful Products

April 20, 2017

Columbus Dispatch. Every spring, Earth Day allows us to focus attention on the visual wonder and natural beauty of our planet. Whether it’s deep blue oceans and towering ice-capped mountains halfway across the world or the green fields and rolling hills of Ohio, our planet’s natural resources are vast, awe-inspiring and bountiful.

The Earth’s resources combined with human ingenuity have propelled us to great accomplishments. We have found cures for disease, developed lifesaving technology and improved the overall quality of life for nearly everyone on the planet. Crude oil and natural gas have been an indispensable part of these accomplishments. Nearly every facet of modern life now requires products developed from refining these petrochemicals. Artificial hearts, toothpaste, aspirin, shampoo, shoes, cleaning products, batteries, cosmetics and plastics are just a few examples of petroleum-based modern necessities.

In fact, there are more than 6,000 more examples of petrochemical products that make us safer, healthier and extend life. So on this Earth Day, let’s appreciate the thousands of modern conveniences made possible through harnessing our natural resources. Happy Earth Day.

By Rhonda Reda

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