Ohio Oil & Gas Association Honors New ‘Oilfield Patriot’ GonzOil

September 3, 2017

Martins Ferry Times Leader.  The Ohio Oil and Gas Association gathered with hundreds of industry professionals at the Zanesville Country Club recently for networking, sporting events, food, music and other activities during its 2017 OOGA Summer meeting.

OOGA is a trade association with more than 2,200 members who are involved in the exploration, production and development of crude oil and natural gas resources in the state of Ohio. According to OOGA, its membership has grown due to the expansion of the Utica Shale play, and the core of the membership is made of independent producers, major national oil and natural gas producing companies as well as major international oil and natural gas companies. Members also include contractors, oilfield service and supply companies, manufacturers, utilities, refineries, accountants, attorneys, consultants, bankers, geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, insurance agents and representatives, education institutions, royalty owners, landowners and college students.

At the annual meeting, OOGA recognizes someone who who promotes, protects and advances the common interests of those involved in the industry by honoring them with the Oilfield Patriot Award.

“A person who does this is a patriot for their industry — and many would say that they are also a patriot for the ideals of their country. A patriot is someone who is committed to accomplishing goals that impact a group larger than themselves. A patriot is someone who will go the extra mile to defend our freedoms by being actively engaged in the process. A patriot is dedicated to doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people and is not afraid to blaze new trails and engage others to see their vision,” the OOGA states on its website.

This year, Frank and Doug Gonzalez of GonzOil Inc. of Canton, Ohio, received the award. The Gonzalez brothers are the first pair to receive the award since its inception in 2006. According to OOGA Director of Public Relations Mike Chadsey, the brothers were honored for their “long-time advocacy on behalf of the industry, which has included working with state legislators and devout involvement within the Ohio Oil and Gas Association since the late 1980s.”

“The Oilfield Patriot Award was made for people like Frank and Doug,” said Jim Aslanides, president of OOGA. “The legacy that these men leave has brought countless benefits to the Ohio oil and gas industry. Simultaneously, Doug’s involvement throughout the years on the Technical Advisory Council helping to establish a practical regulatory structure in Ohio has benefited everyone in the state’s industry. Frank is a tireless champion for this industry through its involvement with the OOGA, and they are both so deserving of this prestigious award.”

According to an OOGA statement, the brothers founded GonzOil Inc. in 1988 after they both decided to leave their careers and go to work for themselves. Doug graduated from Kent State University with a degree in geology and Frank is a graduate of Ohio State University and received his MBA from the Harvard Business School. GonzOil drilled its first well in 1989.

Past Oilfield Patriot Award winners include Tom Stewart (2016), Jerry Olds (2015), William G. Batchelder (2014), William Kinney (2013), Rhonda Reda (2012), Steven L. Grose (2011), David R. Hill (2010), James R. Smail (2009), W. Jonathan Airey (2008), Sarah Tipka (2007) and Jerry James (2006).

By Janell Hunter

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