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The Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) is funded exclusively by Ohio’s crude oil and natural gas producers and royalty owners through an assessment on the production of all crude oil and natural gas produced in Ohio.  OOGEEP is not a state agency and no taxpayer dollars are utilized to fund OOGEEP.

The assessment on crude oil is five cents ($0.05) per gross barrel of crude oil (including condensate) and one cent ($0.01) per gross thousand cubic feet of natural gas produced in Ohio.  Under Ohio Revised Code 1510, all First Purchasers are required to collect and remit quarterly payments directly to OOGEEP on behalf of Ohio’s natural gas and crude oil producers.  See First Purchaser Section for more details.

This investment by Ohio producers and royalty owners underscores their continuing commitment to provide and promote safe and environmentally sound operating practices, to improve the efficiency of finding and producing oil and gas reserves, to help consumers better understand the importance of Ohio’s vital oil and gas industry, and to continue to be good corporate stewards by providing a number of community and public outreach programs.