OOGEEP Spring Industry Safety Training Series

Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) and the OOGEEP Safety Committee are pleased to announce 1-Day Industry Safety Training Sessions to be held on May 10 and 11 in New Philadelphia. The OOGEEP Safety Committee is continually working to provide our industry with current topics that engage and educate oilfield workers in embracing the idea of “Tomorrow” Your Reward For Working Safe Today! These sessions will include the following safety topics:

Session 1: “What Lies Beneath” – Bringing Out the Safety Mentor and Advocate in You!
The session will utilize the “Baker Hughes Program – What Lies Beneath” that engages workers to take a fresh perspective on understanding why HSE incidents occur so they can be prevented. Whether you’re the CEO, Supervisor or “Boots on the Ground,” these tools will challenge participants to look beyond today’s common practices to further improve safety by implementing safety mentoring and safety advocacy every day.
Instructor: Charlie Dixon, Safety and Workforce Director, Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP)

Session 2: Don’t “Fall” or Get Caught in a “Confined Space”!
Both falls and confined space incidents continue to challenge oilfield workers that deal with these potential hazards on a daily basis. This session will take an in-depth look into OSHA strategies, policy recommendations and procedures that can prevent serious injuries or even fatalities.
Instructors: Sarah Ghezzi, CSP, Industrial Safety Specialist Consultant, Ohio BWC
                      Gary O’Brien, President, O’Brien’s Safety Services, L.L.C.

Session 3: Struck Between a Rock and a Hard Place!
This session will include enhanced hazard recognition of potential “struck by,” “caught in,” and “caught between” work environments. Identifying and preventing “line-of-fire” incidents and procedures will be addressed to help reduce serious injuries as outlined in numerous OSHA reports.
Instructor: Richard Burkhart, Field Supervisor, Red Hill Development

Session 4: “ABCDEFG… Now I Know My STELs, TLVs, and So Much More”
This session will help workers better understand the alphabet soup of STEL, TWA, PEL, and TLV as defined by OSHA. There will be a specific focus on strategies for hazard recognition of chemical use, identification and methods to prevent chemical exposure.
Instructor: Don Hodkinson, Industrial Hygienist, Safety and Health Topics Instructor – Kent State University

Session 5: Working Alone? Making “Lone Safety” a Priority!
There are a significant number of hazards and risks associated with working alone.  This session will help identify and provide strategies for the safety of those lone workers. Reporting policy options, safety equipment and other issues, such as tank gauging, will be addressed during this presentation.
Instructor: Mark Sitch, CESCO, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Bobcat Energy Resources, LLC

Session 6: Staying Out of the Hot Seat and Stopping Fires Before They Start!
This session will look at site prevention strategies and pre-planning options for fires.  Overall fire safety will be discussed, and will include ideas for policies and procedures to prevent potential fires. The presentation will also include a review of applicable Ohio Fire Codes that can reduce the risk of fire during work activities.
Instructor: Roger Clark, Fire Inspector, Code Enforcement Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of State Fire Marshal



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