Industrial Park in Belmont County Showing Progress

September 12, 2018

Steubenville WTOV 9. Belmont County Port Authority Director Larry Merry gave county commissioners an update on the county’s industrial park on Wednesday.

The park consists of two sites in the Barnesville area, with the possibility of a third site.

“Developing sites is so vital,” Merry said. “It’s extremely vital here in Belmont County.”

Both sites harbor oil and gas related companies.

One site, the Eastern Ohio Regional Industrial Park, sits on Route 800, and has provided between 80 and 100 jobs.

The other site, the Jedd2 Industrial Park, is on Route 147, east of Barnesville, and is expected to produce 525 jobs by the end of this year.

It’s progress that has commissioners thrilled.

“There’s a lot of excitement in that part of the county,” Commission President JP Dutton said. “There’s been infrastructure improvements done going back several years in some cases, in terms of extensions of water lines, sewer advancements, those types of things. Those types of things then become necessary to show prospective businesses.”

These developments provide potential for the future, especially if the cracker plant in Belmont County becomes a reality.

Merry says they are doing everything they can to be ready for that announcement.

“We’re working in their part of the county right now, and trying to prepare. We’re trying to be ready, because a lot of economic activity is on its way,” Merry said.

The port authority is always looking for new sites. If you are a property owner interested in development, contact them.

By Anthony Conn

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