Letter: We should be thankful for response to weather

February 6, 2019

The Columbus Dispatch. There were many things to be thankful for during the recent arctic blast. Good planning from our government entities allowed our libraries, community and senior citizen centers across Ohio to be safe havens from the bitter cold. Our charitable organizations and churches opened their doors and were able to provide warm shelter.

We are appreciative of the snowplow drivers, bus drivers and utility personnel who helped us get where we needed to go. We should be thankful to our emergency personnel, like firefighters, medics and police officers who showed up and risked their own safety to answer the call of duty. And with the extraordinary development of Ohio’s natural-gas resources, we had abundant and reliable energy that heated our homes, cooked our food and generated much of our electricity. We should all be thankful.

Rhonda Reda, Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program, Granville

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