Encino Energy Well Pads Featured at Ohio State Fair

July 26, 2019

Louisville, OH – Encino Energy hosted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) on several well pad tours where the state regulatory agency used cutting-edge technology to film video footage for their virtual reality 360 tour at the Ohio State Fair. The virtual reality well pad tour will give fairgoers an opportunity to see an active well pad where drilling, completions (hydraulic fracturing), and production of oil and natural is occurring in Ohio.

“This interactive experience is a great way to see first-hand our operations out in the field, “said Jackie Stewart, External Affairs Director at Encino Energy. “We encourage everyone to get out to the Ohio State Fair this year and visit the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management building at the Natural Resources Park and participate in this virtual reality tour of Encino Energy’s well pads.”

The well pad featured in the virtual reality 360 tours are all located in Harrison County and represent over $100 million of new investment by Encino. In addition, each of these locations embody hundreds of direct and indirect jobs required to bring oil and natural gas into production.

This is the first year ODNR has featured the virtual reality tours at the Ohio State Fair. Fairgoers can take the tour at the mill building located within the Natural Resources Park at the fair.

“We wanted to give fairgoers an opportunity to experience an important industry that many Ohioans don’t get to see for themselves and this virtual reality tour is the perfect way to do that,” said Rick Simmers, Chief of the ODNR Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management. “It’s also a great way for people to learn about the great work we do every day.”
The tours also provide a look at the extensive safety and environmental measures taken by Encino to comply with state and federal regulations—often going above and beyond regulatory requirements.

“There’s no question that shale development has been a win for Ohio’s environment and economy. Over $74 billion from the oil and natural gas industry in less than ten years, which also led to our state leading the country in carbon emission reductions,” remarked Stewart. “Clean, abundant and reliable natural gas is transforming Ohio’s economy and here at Encino, we’re excited to be playing a role in it. We appreciate the opportunity to educate the public, through ODNR’s virtual tour and share with fairgoers this important sector of Ohio’s economy.”