Giving Thanks to Ohio’s Educators

May 7, 2020

As many aspects of our life have taken a new shape or form in the last several months, learning, too, adjusted quickly. Teachers across the country have risen to the challenge and found new, creative ways to stay connected to ensure their students’ learning process is as little disrupted as possible. In honor of National Teachers Appreciation Week, we’d like to recognize and thank Ohio educators for instilling knowledge and character in the young minds and hearts of students, especially during these difficult times.

It’s been two months since K-12 schools closed their doors, but teachers and students are developing and implementing creative and resourceful strategies to bring classrooms to students’ homes. Teachers are turning to technology and tools to deliver lessons and post assignments through videoconference platforms, upload pre-recorded lectures on online learning websites, emails – all of which have become vital in distance learning. They’re also relying on available online resources to prepare for lessons.


Recognizing the benefits and importance of STEM education, OOGEEP has revamped materials typically reserved for teachers and schools and made them accessible on our online virtual classrooms.

Materials cover subjects like chemistry, earth science, geology and physics, built for students in middle- and high-school levels but can be easily adapted for younger ages. Our teacher curriculums meet state and national science standards and have been downloaded hundreds of times by teachers, parents, and students across the state.

OOGEEP’s best-in-class program emphasizes on hands-on learning experience and includes a variety of at-home science experiments, which can be done using simple supplies. Help students connect these STEM concepts to their surroundings and everyday life.

STEM and Geology Curriculum & Labs include interactive lessons that teach students about Earth’s natural resources and the technology used to leverage them for daily use, help students grasp technical concepts about the basics of geology and minerals. This program encourages and challenges students to make real-world connections and each lesson includes a series of additional materials such as reading, videos, and additional activity books, placemat, word search.

Parents and caregivers have become de facto homeschooling teachers when schools had to close. Distance learning presents its own set of unique challenge and complications, such as access to laptops and the Internet, not to mention implementing it during a pandemic, which creates a toll on teachers’ and students’ mental and physical health. OOGEEP hopes to help alleviate some of these challenges using our resources and what we do best.

Classrooms provide a unique space and a sanctuary for students to learn and grow. This pandemic might have temporarily taken away the physical space, but teachers’ and students’ bonds has grown even stronger and they are reshaping education.

While social distance has changed the usual ways for us to say “thank you” to teachers, their compassion and service are celebrated every day.