LETTER: Ohio-produced energy is critical

May 10, 2020

Herald Star. Ohio energy and the life-sustaining products it creates have never been more critical as we confront this global health and economic crisis. From life-saving ventilators, masks and medicines to reliable heat and power for our hospitals, safely produced Ohio oil and natural gas are critical tools in the fight against COVID-19.


Ohio’s oil and natural gas producers — and their tens of thousands of local employees — are proud to deliver the energy that’s essential for our modern way of life. In fact, Ohio is among America’s top energy producing states with strong and safe regulations.


And we don’t have to choose between economic opportunity and environmental protection — we can and must have both. According to new data from the Consumer Energy Alliance, Ohio’s air quality has improved faster than the rest of the nation as more natural gas is used to power our economy especially manufacturing.


As for our “Lessons from Earth Day” (May 2), Ohio-produced energy is a source of environmental, economic and national security progress for our region and the nation. We’re very proud of this shared success.


Kennedy Copeland

Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program


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