August 20, 2020

The Daily Digger – Ohio’s natural gas and oil producers launched a new statewide public awareness campaign today with the goal of educating Ohioans about the ways in which natural gas and oil provides for our quality of life. Featuring two distinct ads, “Morning” and “Power,” that will run on digital platforms and on television markets, the campaign makes clear that no matter where we live, work, or play, Ohio-produced natural gas and oil is essential to life.

“When we think beyond the power sector or the gas pump, Ohioans probably don’t recognize that natural gas and oil is a key building block to nearly every product in our daily life.” said John Schlichter, Executive Director of the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP). “As both of our ads detail, Ohio-produced natural gas and oil is used to make the packaging that keeps our food fresh; in the manufacturing of rubber for the tires in our bikes; and needed for the synthetic fibers in our clothes and backpacks. We can’t even make iPhones and laptops or
get where we need to go without it.”

Ohio is the nation’s 6th largest natural gas producer and 12th largest oil producer, due primarily to growing production from the Utica Shale formation. In the Midwest, Ohio ranks second in both energy production and consumption. As more natural gas is produced and comprises an increasingly larger share of Ohio power generation, the state has made dramatic air quality progress, research has shown.
“We have a long, proud history of natural gas and oil production in Ohio, and it’s important for Ohioans to make the connection between the energy produced here and their quality of life,” said David Hill, OOGEEP’s chairman and president of David R. Hill Inc., an Ohio-based exploration and production company. “Thanks to new technology and a continuous focus on safety and environmental performance, natural gas and oil delivers the reliable, affordable energy our world needs and will be an important component of our energy mix for many years to come.”

The multi-channel, statewide campaign follows an OOGEEP voter opinion survey showing overwhelming approval of Ohio’s natural gas and oil, with 8 in 10 Ohio voters supporting the industry.

Links to the videos are copied below:
• Morning: https://youtu.be/xQcPKo6qlAE
• Power: https://youtu.be/Lu8oq82yOFE

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