Marietta council passes three items

September 16, 2020

The Marietta Times – Fourteen individuals filled the public gallery at Marietta City Council’s regular business meeting Thursday but only three pieces of legislation were passed in front of the crowd.

Resolution 41, on its final reading, was unanimously adopted following the crowd’s applause of Will Dimit, the private benefactor who funded the demolition of 123 Muskingum Drive.

“That house has now been demolished,” said City Law Director Paul Bertram before asking council and the rest of those gathered to applaud Dimit’s contribution to the fight against blight and neglect of properties within city limits.

The resolution now allows the administration to accept the donation of the leveled property from its owner Jay A. Brown.

Council also unanimously passed two ordinances Thursday authorizing both the finances and the action to quickly address a new slip on Lancaster Street, affecting the newly paved portion of the hill leading up Harmar Hill.

The legislative body also heard from multiple representatives from various oil and gas and energy harnessing associations Thursday, offering education on facets of their industries and a chance to schedule a more technical question-and-answer session in the future.

Several pieces of legislation were also introduced Thursday that did not see further action beyond first readings:

– Ordinance 107: A proposed amendment to require rooster sound prevention by owners.

– Ordinance 110: An ordinance to update traffic laws to reflect changes at the state legislature including the removal of a requirement for front license plates.

– Ordinance 111: The proposal to create a scoring committee for Community Development Block Grant review, not only to create a scoring rubric based off of the suggested baseline offered by Councilman Geoff Schenkel, but also create procedures for how to use one to judge submitted requests.

“This follows the same way engineering is practiced in following a rubric to find both the lowest and best bid, finding the compilation thereof,” explained Bertram following the meeting.

The ordinance proposes the creation of a “Block Grant Recommendation Committee” to be composed of two appointed members of the administration: safety-service director and development director; the city auditor and two chairpersons of city council: Planning, Zoning, Annexation and Housing Committee and Finance Committee.

-Resolution 45: A resolution to adopt the public housing agency plan as administered by Washington-Morgan Community Action as the city’s public housing authority.

All three ordinances and the resolution will return for a second reading on Sept. 17 at 7:30 p.m.

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