OOGEEP Educates Record Number of Ohioans on Oil and Gas Industry

December 22, 2020

Marcellus Drilling. The Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) educated a record number of people about the oil and gas industry in 2020 through their statewide education and public outreach programs. OOGEEP’s “Essential Ohio Energy” ad campaign, which focused on all the ways natural gas and oil impact our daily lives, launched in August of 2020. The campaign featured ads on a variety of digital and broadcast outlets. “This campaign was designed to remind people the importance of the natural gas and oil industry in their daily lives,” said David Hill, OOGEEP Chairman. “We often think of cars and electricity when we think of the industry, but the reality is that petroleum products are key inputs in many of the electronic devices and other products we all use daily.” It can be easy to overlook the role natural gas and oil play in everyday life, but many of the products people rely on everyday are only possible because of the industry. Beyond being a key source of fuel and electricity, the natural gas and oil industry are essential to the production of products like hand sanitizer, IV bags, fertilizers, cell phones, computers, footballs, baseballs, polyester, paint, asphalt, and many more. To learn more about the “Essential Ohio Energy” campaign, visit essentialohioenergy.com. In addition to the ad campaign, OOGEEP held a series of teacher workshops, firefighter training sessions and other educational and public outreach initiatives. A few 2020 highlights include: * 195 teachers educated through teacher workshops and provided classroom resources to connect classroom learning to real life applications in the oil and gas industry; * 23 firefighters trained for rare oil and gas related emergencies; * $170,000 donated to Ohio communities and first responders; * $55,600 provided in higher education scholarships and science fair awards. [MDN: OOGEEP continues to do a fantastic job in Ohio. Hats off to them for educating so many people about the advantages of oil and gas energy.]

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