Since 1998, the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program has been Ohio’s non-profit organization dedicated to education, safety and clean, affordable energy that’s essential to life. Our mission is to provide statewide outreach on behalf of natural gas and oil producers through programs such as public awareness campaigns, teacher workshops, classroom presentations, scholarships, career and workforce development opportunities, firefighter training and other engagements.


Award-winning public awareness campaign that reminds Ohioans that no matter where we live, where we work, or how we play, Ohio-produced natural gas and oil is essential to life.
2,282,152 impressions in 2021


Distributing statistics, information and resources across media outlets including television, radio, newspaper and on the web.
81 total media hits
5,883,159 impressions in 2021


Sharing industry-related facts, events, updates, and more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.
28% follower growth
227,133 impressions in 2021


Elected official educational meetings and tours, teacher workshops and field trips, classroom and public presentations, career fairs, state science fair awards, community events, trade shows and more.
2,200+ Ohioans reached directly


Investing in the future of the natural gas and oil workforce by providing annual scholarships to students pursuing industry-related career paths. To date, more than half-a-million dollars has been awarded.
36 recipients in 2021

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