Congressman Latta Blames Government Regulation for High Gas Prices

August 21, 2022

Newsbreak Original. Ohio Fifth District United States Representative Bob Latta (R) said Wednesday that Americans are paying higher prices for gas for their cars and heating their homes because of “costly and burdensome regulations.” According to his official website, Latta made the remarks at a roundtable meeting in Oregon, Ohio with representatives from the gas industry and the local economic community.

Latta said the regulations contribute to inflation and supply chain problems and delay infrastructure projects.

“Americans are paying more at the pump and on their electric and natural gas bills because of record high inflation and policies that are hostile to American energy,” Latta said, according to his website. “Folks here in Ohio are demanding solutions.”

Latta said he wanted to discuss America’s role as a leading producer of natural gas and petroleum with the industry leaders. He blamed “bureaucratic restrictions and hostile green policies” for “choking off financing for new projects and improvements,” He noted that tens of thousands of products made from natural gas and petroleum are necessary for everyday American life.

He added that if the United States wants to continue a role as a leader in energy throughout the world, it must be sure it maintains and improves American refineries.

Latta thanked the participants in the roundtable discussion for their insights on providing relief to his constituents in the Fifth District, as they deal with the “burden” of increased prices.

Present at the meeting were Mike Chadsey of Ohio Oil and Gas Association, Scott Hayes of PBF Energy, George Brown of Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program, Todd Shelton of API, David Hill of David R. Hill, Inc., Brian Dicken of the Toledo Chamber of Commerce, Bill Burlew of Enbridge, Mike Jay of Regional Growth Partnership, and Rod Cundiff of Cenovus.

Areas Congressman Latta represents include Findlay and Bowling Green.

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