TOMORROW is your reward for being safe TODAY!

OOGEEP remains committed to the industry by providing and offering workshops that promote a greater awareness of safety, health and environmental challenges faced everyday by our industry workers. These workshops are designed to meet the overall needs of the industry and their employees. These safety workshops also engage employees to be vigilant about safety at work not only for themselves, but their co-workers, and the communities where their operations exist.

Industry Safety Training Workshops

OOGEEP further collaborates with a wide variety of industry experts to offer other safety training programs that are consistent in meeting individual company, state, and federal safety requirements. While many of these topics may be required annually for employees, OOGEEP works to provide expert instructors who can educate and engage all workers whether this is their first year or twentieth year in the industry. OOGEEP keeps the classes interactive for all in attendance and maximizes hands-on training when possible.

Some of our past workshops have included topics relating to: Accident Investigation, Cold Weather Safety, Condensate Safety, CPR / First Aid Training, Emergency Response, Fall Protection, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Prevention / Protection, Fire Retardant Clothing, Hazard Communication, H2S Monitoring,  Hydrocarbon Monitoring, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Review, Material Handling and Storage, Oil and Gas Confined Spaces Identification, Awareness, Planning and Procedure Implementation, OSHA Hotwork Review,  Personal Protective Equipment, Recordkeeping – OSHA 300 Requirements, Safety and Health Program Management, Spill Response Training, Valve Safety, Welding / Cutting Safety, Written Programs, and much more!

IADC HSE RigPass® / SafeLand USA Training

OOGEEP is accredited through the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) to provide their HSE RigPass® / SafeLand USA Training Certification Course. While the course is designed primarily for new workers and first time visitors to field operations, OOGEEP has had many experienced workers who have completed the training and commented on the value of the training and its positive impact on their safety culture.

IADC HSE RigPass® / SafeLand USA Training is core value added training for anyone working in the oil and gas industry today. This training course covers many of the basic overall safety concepts needed for new and experienced workers in today’s industry. Chapters in the program include: Safety Principles, Rig and Platform Environment, Work Site Safety, Personal Protection and Health, Environmental Protection and Fire Safety, and Onshore Operations. Upon successful completion of the course, industry participants are provided with a card that includes their picture and personal identification number, and they are enrolled into the IADC database and the SafeLand database.

H2S Safety Trailer

In a collaborative effort between OOGEEP and the Southeastern Ohio Oil and Gas Association (SOOGA), a special H2S Safety Trailer was developed as a proactive safety measure for oilfield personnel working on well sites with potential H2S exposure. The trailer is managed, maintained and operated by the professional safety staff of O’Brien Safety Services, Marietta, Ohio. The trailer is available for use, upon request, and is equipped with H2S monitors, gas monitors, fans, self-rescue masks and other safety equipment. These ongoing safety measures are provided to safely mitigate and prevent potential rescue situations. Click here for more information.